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Coron Town
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What's it like ?

Coron is a small fishing and trading town on Busuanga Island, in the Calamian Islands, to the southwest of Manila and is well off the regularly travelled tourist path. It is both stunningly simple and primitive, and yet so beautiful you will never forget this place.

Since the people here don't make their living from you they don't hustle you non-stop, as they are apt to do at the more 'touristy' destinations on Boracay and Cebu. You won't feel like you are in an over-developed tourist ghetto and have to dodge the crowds, because they don't exist!

landing stage What you have to remember is this is a Philippine town catering for Filipinos, therefore 'Western' standards, of anything you care to mention, have little or no importance here.

Do not expect prompt or speedy service anywhere you go: speedy does not exist here. This is a world where everything happens tomorrow - if you are lucky!

Do not expect the fast-food outlets like McDonalds, 5-star hotels, classy restaurants, food hygiene, nor the health care you are used to in the 'West'. You will be sorely disappointed. They do not exist here. But hey! Guess what? You are taking a vacation, and a big part of that vacation is to experience how other people live in our world and to take a break from your hectic lifestyle. So chill out. Enjoy the difference! You will not believe, until you have seen with your own eyes, how happy and friendly these people are, and how simple is their lifestyle. The islands here are stunningly beautiful, though the centres of population would be termed 'squalid' by Western standards. The contrasts are truly amazing. Most of us come here for a vacation but it is also a tremendous opportunity to learn something about the way the majority of the world lives.

Coron town After visiting and experiencing Coron, the Philippines, and Asia in general, many people reflect that maybe the simple way is the best, and the 'West' has got it wrong with its pressurised environment. Be warned! A visit here could change your life! It has happened many times before!