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Travelling to Coron and Around Philippines

This page last updated Thursday, August 7, 2008 22:59

98% of visitors come to Coron via Manila.

There are just two ways to get here: by ferry, or by aeroplane. The variations of both forms of travel are detailed in the links to your left. Information here is given on a best endeavours basis as it changes frequently, we always advise contacting us directly for up to date information.

Go take a look. They both have their advantages.

When travelling around the remainder of the Philippines there are a further two airlines to consider - Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines.

Getting To Manila from Your country

There are may international Airlines flying to Manila including budget airlines these days, we have over the last 20 odd years tried every way possible from Europe to The Philippines but we suggest using one of the better quality airlines such as Qatar Airways or Cathay Pacific as travel to and from the Philippines can be erratic due to weather and many other factors. They will not be the cheapest but when it goes wrong with most of the others you are on your own and the saving is lost very quickly!

Whilst we cannot book international travel for you please use the contact us form before booking your international ticket as with the the volume of clients we have travelling internationally to reach us from all parts of the globe we usually know who is good or bad and what offers may be available, who offers the best luggage allowances, (and the tips and tricks to get that extra allowance for dive and photo gear) who are the "Dry" airlines and all those oh so important questions divers have with travelling to and from The Philippines.