MV Look Sea - moored at Sea Dive

MV Look Sea - the cabin

MV Look Sea - canopy furled

MV Look Sea - the ladder

The MV Look Sea

Dive Boat Charter


Look Sea at Calauit Complete with Philippine EagleWould you like the freedom to dive where you want, when you want? Choose your wreck site and leave when you are ready. Take your time and chill out.

Would you enjoy the services of one of the best skippers and crew in the Coron Bay area with a boat designed by divers for divers?

Look no further, you are in the right place!

The 'Look Sea' is a 15 metre banka, outrigger style boat, pictured opposite, and can comfortably accommodate up to six divers. It is very stable and cruises at a comfortable 11 knots.

If you would like to take a break from diving and go Island hopping for a day, rates start at Php2,500.00 for the day and are destination dependent.

Charter rates vary according to the number of divers:

  • Two Divers (minimum capacity) Php1,800.00 per diver
  • Three to Four divers Php1,700.00 per diver
  • Five to Six divers Php1,600.00 per diver
  • All rates include a lunch, prepared and served onboard, and a soft drink and apres dive beer.


Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy Coron Bay. Enjoy Look Sea!