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Malarial mosquitoes are not a problem in either The Calamian Islands, where Coron is situated, nor in the Northern Palawan province. When you read about malaria on Palawan Island please realize that the province contains about 2,300 islands and Busuanga is part of the Calamian Island Group at the furthest northern end of the province. In Coron town, and on the rest of Busuanga Island, you should take normal precautions as you would for any place with ordinary mosquitoes. Bring spray or lotion type mosquito repellent to use on your ankles and legs when sitting around at night.

The local brand, ‘Off’, works very well and is readily available

Mosquitoes that carry malaria are a problem in the southern part of Palawan Island. If you travel an additional 12 hours south by ship, or fly an additional hour south, to Puerto Princesa you should consider anti-malarial precautions if you will be in rural areas.

Bring your own waterproof sunscreen with a very high SPF: supplies of good quality sun-screen are not readily available locally. A floppy hat is essential for sunburn protection. You can get sunburned while snorkelling, so protect the back of your neck, arms and shoulders. You will certainly get burned if you sit out in the sun for more than 10 minutes at a time without sun-block! This will ruin your holiday - you have been warned!

Ladies bring your own preferred sanitary supplies, as only napkins are available locally.

The local water comes from the mountains but the distribution system is always suspect. Bottled water from Manila is available in local stores. "Aquapure" treats the local water with micro filtration, reverse osmosis, sterilization and bottles it in Coron. You buy your first gallon (four litres) for Php 85.00 in order to get the bottle and then keep having the bottle refilled for 25 pesos a gallon.

While the Philippines has a reputation for very wild and active nightlife such IS NOT the case in provincial towns like Coron. Few local girls wish to get a bad reputation by being seen to be "overly friendly" with tourists. Community “social hygiene” programs are not screening those few in Coron who might “play” for sexually transmitted communicable diseases.

Anyone desiring extracurricular nighttime activity should make prior arrangements in Manila or Angeles City (contact Dive Right for candid advice) and bring their own partner to Coron. There are no problems with the local residents or authorities when you are travelling around with your "girlfriend".

Anyone desiring protection for night time activities in the Philippines should bring their favourite product in the appropriate size from their home country.

We are very happy to provide travel advice to anyone without personal experience in Southeast Asian countries.